About Thompson Chapel

Our Services

Worship services typically last from 60 to 90 minutes, often depending on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Our leadership and those with ministerial responsibilities seek for God’s guidance in planning and preparing for the services.  However, most services also include times of spontaneity including expressions of praise and applause, utterances of messages in tongues and their interpretations, and testimonies.  At any given service there may be exuberant praise and moments of quiet meditation.       

Most of the music is led by the choir and a band consisting of keyboards, guitars, and drums.  The style of music ranges from contemporary, praise and worship, hymns, to southern gospel.  It is likely you will hear a broad range of musical styles at any given service.  Some members of the congregation choose to sit during worship and others choose to stand and sing.  There will be individuals who raise their hands in worship and others may clap their hands when the music is upbeat.  Prayer will be held at various intervals of the service – some prayers are spoken by an individual and at other times the congregation will pray aloud, simultaneously.  The preaching or teaching of the Word of God is central and preeminent in each service.    The majority of the services will culminate with people moving to the front of the church (the altar) for a time of prayer.

Our Beliefs & Values

We are affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God.  You can follow link for more information.

Our Pastor

Pastor Mark Bolton

Pastor Mark Bolton

Mark Bolton has been our pastor since 2008.  Pastor Mark grew up at Thompson Chapel and was saved here at the age of 13.  In addition to pastoring the church, he is employed in Human Resources at the University of Montevallo.  Pastor Mark’s daughters, Haley and Hannah are also engaged in ministry at Thompson Chapel, leading the music and youth programs.

Our Story


Thompson Chapel originated during the early 1940’s when founder, Reverend B. B. Kirby, held prayer meetings in area homes.  A brush arbor revival soon followed and eventually a tent was secured for the meetings.  From these humble beginnings The Independent Church of God was formed.  

Land donated by Mrs. Ollie Mae Thompson in January 1949, provided means for the construction of a permanent structure for worship which was completed in 1951.  The name of the church was then changed from The Independent Church of God to Thompson Chapel Church to honor Ms. Thompson for her gift of the land.  According to Rev. Bunion Porter, a mule was used to excavate the site.  The cinder block building was approximately 30 feet by 50 feet and consisted of open door and window frames, a sawdust floor, and a coal heater.  In the beginning, there were no doors and windows installed.  Mrs. Ruth Porter, recalls the young people of the church going door-to-door asking for donations to purchase windows.  As finances became available, a concrete floor was poured, benches and windows were added, a gas heater was installed.  The first addition included restrooms and two Sunday School rooms.

The Lord has continued to bless Thompson Chapel and throughout the years the building has expanded to include a comfortable sanctuary, nursery and children’s facilities, Christian Education classrooms, a fellowship hall, and a gymnasium.  All are located in close proximity to where the brush arbor and tent once stood.

Thompson Chapel affiliated with the Assemblies of God, under the leadership of its second pastor, Brother Jimmy Horton.  In cooperation with the Assemblies of God, Thompson Chapel supports world missionaries and missions programs.  

In 2018, 14 acres of land located across the road from the church was purchased to accommodate future growth and expansion.      

For over seven decades, Thompson Chapel has provided a consistent Pentecostal witness in central Alabama.  Many individuals have accepted Christ as their savior, received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and have witnessed God’s healing touch because of the church’s ministries.  Christian disciples have been made throughout the generations as sound doctrine has been consistently taught in Sunday School and educational programs for children, youth, and adults.